Success Stories


By automating processes for price adjustments, promotions, and returns, as well as creating digital platforms for partners and systems to maintain control over store assets, Walmart aims to improve response times and reduce costs.



We developed 3 digital assets integrated with both store and central servers. These assets enable the digitalization and automation of partner onboarding processes, remote price approvals, and the automation of data flow related to inventories and shopping carts.




Walmart successfully reduced response times for price changes by 61%, resulting in a saving of 40 seconds per transaction. The partner onboarding process was fully digitized, leading to a 20% reduction in process abandonment. Through the implementation of a Low Code platform to automate the flow of inventory and shopping cart data, Walmart achieved savings of over 20% in maintenance and replenishment.


Developing products that enable 100% automated international money remittance transfers will lead to an increase in the number of international remittance operations and trading transactions.



We replaced a process that requires human intervention with a 100% digital product that offers significant advantages over competitors. Additionally, we established the infrastructure for FANi, a generative AI chatbot designed to assist in the FAN account opening process.



We launch of an omnichannel product, available to the bank’s more than 2 million customers. 400% increase in international remittance operations. Contextual, natural, and realistic conversations to obtain information and assistance when opening FAN accounts.


Coopeuch’s focus is entirely on digital channels. Its primary credit application systems include credit simulators, which are tools implemented across various systems within the company. By consolidating the experience into a single credit simulator, designed and developed to maximize conversions, Coopeuch anticipates an increase in credit sales.



Our tech talent led to the creation of an embedded and reusable digital asset that enables credit simulation and initiates the contracting process across multiple digital products. It encompasses data management prior to the loan acquisition process.



Coopeuch’s digital channel sales for loans increased from 46% to 90%, resulting in a conversion rate boost of over 40%. Consistency in customer experience was achieved across various digital channels. Through the consolidation of multiple loan simulators into one, maintenance and implementation costs were reduced by over 40%.


Consalud faced three significant challenges: automating medical payments, reducing waiting times for policyholders to receive their funds, and mitigating the risk of fraud through automated verification of all customer-provided data.


Our staff augmentation teams developed a Straight-Through Processing solution that combines automation, AI, and cognitive recognition.

The solution was integrated with Consalud’s existing digital channels, particularly its private website for customers. It also captures requests via mobile devices and processes them.



The response time for policyholder requests was reduced from 6 to 3 days. Processing capacity from 10,000 cases per month to over 7,000 cases per day. The fraud rate was reduced by over 99.5%.



Implementing a digital transformation process focused on agility and leveraging data for decision-making will enable SISS to enhance efficiency and strengthen its commitment to water conservation.


We implemented an initiative management model, and enhanced data ingestion and its quality by creating advanced analytics models that facilitate data-driven decision-making.



We established a 4-year digital roadmap of initiatives. The adoption of the agile model led to a 40% increase in operational process efficiency. We built an automated process for data ingestion, transformation, and presentation that saves business experts’ time by 400%. We developed an advanced analytics model for predicting water consumption and production.

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